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3-Month Subscription




(Currently Full)

A loaf of naturally-leavened country bread, twice a month


- $48 for 3 months -


The subscription also gives you access to:

- occasional pastry pop-ups;

- specialty bread (such as baguette, seeded bread, fougasse, etc.)

- the French Bread & Pastry wait-list

About the Subscription

Subscriptions for French Bread are available on a 3-month basis. Twice a month, you will pick up your baked goods on one of the following pickup days: Wednesday OR Friday.


Your bread share will be available for pick-up only, at our home bakery location in the Longfellow neighborhood on your pickup day between 3 PM and 8 PM. The address, as well as additional details, will be communicated to you once you have placed your order. See below for a schedule of the next three or four months.


*** If you have not picked up your baked goods by 8 PM on your pickup day, your baked goods will be redistributed. You are always welcome to ask a friend or neighbor to pick up your baked goods for you! ***

Subscriptions are on a 3-month basis, and payment is for the full 3 months. You cannot pause your subscription. You are welcome to stop at any time after the 3 months, and your spot will be given to someone on the wait-list.


As we make small batches we can only accommodate a certain number of customers at a time. If you are not a subscriber yet, we would be happy to place you on the wait-list!

                       Wednesday         Friday

March                 8 & 22             10 & 24

*** NO Bread Pickup During Spring Break ***

April                      19                      21

May                     3 & 17              5 & 19

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