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About the Bakery

D'argent Bakery is a woman-led and home-based French micro-bakery, located in the Longfellow neighborhood in South Minneapolis, MN. We offer small-batch bread subscriptions in order to provide our community with delicious and nutritious baked goods.


At the bakery, we use natural leaven* along with slow fermentation to make bread, as well as local stone-milled flours for their health attributes and exceptional flavor. We mill all of our whole grains in-house using a stone-ground mill, only hours before the bread is made. All of our country breads are made with a minimum of 25% whole grain.


The viennoiseries, or French pastries, are hand-laminated and made from scratch using organic ingredients, natural leaven, and a small amount of commercial yeast.

All our breads and pastries are baked in a stone oven.

The bakery has a cottage food license and is registered with the Department of Agriculture. All of the breads and other baked goods are handmade with love in a home kitchen, so

these products are not subject to state inspection.

*by natural leaven, we mean sourdough, which is 100% natural.

Meet the baker

Born and raised in France, Anne, owner and baker, moved to the Midwest from Paris in 2006.

After completing a PhD in Second Language Acquisition from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, she moved to Minneapolis and decided to follow her passion for baking.

Anne trained at the prestigious Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon (France). Her culinary experience includes Spoon and Stable (Minneapolis) as their Pasta & Bread chef, and the Alliance Française of Minneapolis/St Paul where she teaches cooking classes.

Anne and her husband Jim have two beautiful daughters, Margot (9) and Maïlys (6), both of whom are emphatically not gluten intolerant.

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